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A safety valve is a valve that acts as a safety device in a pressurised system, relieving pressure and preventing damage, sometimes even fatal. Safety valves are used in various applications, including industrial boilers, steam lines and pressure vessels.

Safety valves are designed to open and close automatically in the event of pressure build-up, but may also need to be able to be closed manually in the event of system maintenance (see Test-GAG accessory).

The operating and maintenance manual is the document that accompanies the valve from the moment it is built until it is scrapped. That is, it is an integral part of it. The manual must be read before ANY ACTIVITY involving the equipment is undertaken, including handling and unloading it from the means of transport.

It is recommended that installation personnel be instructed. The safety valve must be serviced by BESA personnel or by personnel authorised by BESA.

Safety valves should be inspected and tested regularly to ensure their proper functioning. This can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of the pressurised system. To ensure that a safety valve is able to perform its function correctly, it is important to inspect and maintain it regularly (Besa recommends a minimum of 2 years).

Remember that the maintenance of a safety valve may only be carried out by competent personnel, preferably authorised by the manufacturer (as safety valves are not all the same, even if they perform the same task).

The following Operation and Maintenance Manual is an integral part of the safety valve and must be readily available to the operating and maintenance personnel.
The user and maintenance personnel must be familiar with the contents of this manual.
The test certificate and the assembly drawing are supplied with the safety valve. These documents are for the exclusive use of the customer and are the intellectual property of BESA S.p.A. on which the main construction and operating characteristics of the valve purchased are indicated.
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BESA has been manufacturing safety valves for many years, for a wide range of installations, and our experience provides the best possible guarantee. We carefully study each system during the quotation phase, as well as any special requirements or requests, until we find the optimal solution and the most appropriate valve for your installation.


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