PFA lining safety valves

241bT model

Main features: PFA® lining and PTFE® full nozzle
Flanged connections:
Inlet: from DN 20 (3/4″) to DN 150 (6″)
Outlet: from DN 40 (1 1/2″) to DN 250 (10″)
Standard materials: lined carbon steel and lined stainless steel
Set pressure: 0,2 – 16 bar

Certifications: PED – ATEX – GOST


271 series

Main features: lined with PFA and PTFE bellow
Flanged connections:
Inlet: from DN 25 (1″) up to DN 50 (2″)
Outlet: from DN 50 (2″) up to DN 80 (3″)
Standard materials: cast iron
Set pressure: 0,8 – 10 bar

Certifications: PED – ATEX


Main sectors of application

The main application sectors of Besa safety valves are: boilermaker, energy, pharmaceutical, naval, petrochemical, skid manufacturers, chemical industry, cryogenic and oxygen treatments, food industry, LPG/LNG energy storage and transportation producers, onshore and offshore oil and gas etc..

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