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Quality Policy

The General Management of BESA Ing. Santangelo S.p.A., sensitive to the ever-increasing demands in terms of product quality coming from the most diverse product sectors, has decided to implement and maintain an efficient Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which ensures full customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of managerial and operational efficiency, through the continuous improvement of production and management processes.
The General Management, in order to pursue in practice the guidelines expressed in the Quality Policy, establishes the following commitments
– fully understand the context in which the company operates;
– examine with the utmost attention the needs and expectations of the interested parties, and determine the factors that may condition the company’s Quality System
– analyse the opportunities and risks to be faced in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the Quality System and its continuous improvement;
– provide products that meet operating requirements and that do not represent any risk or danger for the user;
– adequately involve and sensitise personnel at every level in the company’s quality management, in order to guarantee the manufacture and supply of products that comply with applicable regulations and contractual requirements;
– implement, in an effective manner, all measures and corrective actions aimed at avoiding the non-achievement of the contractually established product supply characteristics;
– promptly identify and solve product quality problems that may hinder the proper functioning of the installation system
– provide adequate technical support for the solution of problems related to the installation of safety valves and, more generally, to the safety analysis of systems
– maintain the rapidity of product delivery as a qualifying element of the Company’s work;
– promptly informing the ICIM Body (for the Quality System and compliance with Directives 2014/68/EU and 2014/34/EU, as well as UKCA Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 and UK Regulation S.I. 2016 No. 1107 (as ammended)) of any variation to the System and any changes in the construction of safety valves.
Within the framework of what is defined on a strategic level by this declaration, the Executive Board defines measurable objectives annually in order to be able to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of what has been implemented. The management of each operational area is accountable, as far as its competences are concerned, for the effective implementation of the Quality Management System and the achievement of the set objectives. The verification of the achievement of the set objectives is a fundamental part of the System Review activity.
The General Management ensures and supports the implementation of this Policy.