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Each Besa safety valve has its own identity

The "BESA ID" is a stainless steel plate, which is attached to every safety valve produced from 2022. By simply scan the QR code with every device you have, you can quickly and easily view the BESA certificate.

The advantages of the QR code

  • Speed: a simple scan of the QR code is enough
  • Simplicity: the link leads directly to the Besa DMS, containing all information
  • Practicality: no more filing and tedious searching for documents
  • Accuracy: the BESA certificate is constantly updated
  • Ecology: no more printing of documents
Scan wherever you are

Why the Besa ID is a game changer

“With BESA ID I don't need to search all over the workshop for the test certificate anymore”

Mr. OlivierSystem maintenance technician
Quality over quantity

Request your quotation quickly and easily


Open the online quotation form

Click on the 'valve configuration' button in the top right-hand corner

Company data

Please fill the form with your company details so we can send you the quotation via email.

Select the type of quotation

Are you looking for a new valve, a replacement or spare parts?

Technical data

Fill in all the technical data required to supply the right safety valve for you


Please tell us which standard you need the valve for: EN 4126 or API 520


Select the type of certification you need (INAIL, ATEX, RINA, etc.).
Documental Management System

Besa DMS

Besa has implemented its own documentation management system (DMS) through which each customer can log in to their “reserved area” and consult all technical and commercial documentation, relating to the products purchased.