Special executions valves

This page lists some of the special executions valves that BESA is able to supply to meet the needs of its customers.

Valve with heating jacket

Combined application valve / rupture disc

Valve with welding ends

Valve with balancing and protection bellow

Valve with pneumatic actuator

Valve with test gag

Valve with lift indicator

Resilient tightness disc (Viton ®, NBR, Neoprene, Kalrez ®/Kaflon ® 72B, PTFE, Peek ®)


Upon specific request and/or after an analysis of the Technical department of BESA, our company uses the following special materials: INCONEL ®, Hastelloy ®, Monel, Incoloy ®, carbon steel for low temperatures, tungsten steel (springs)

Below the main certifications obtained by BESA for the safety valves of its production

Main activity fields
Main activity fields of safety valves BESA are boiler manufacturer, shipyards construction, power plant, as well as chemical, petrochemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and OEM, skid manufacturer, oxygen and cryogenic plants, oil and gas onshore and offshore.

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